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Learn more about .MY domains

The .MY domain is a so-called ccTLD domain name. The abbreviation ccTLD stands for Country Code Top Level Domain. A ccTLD domain is a top-level domain name that is used to define the domain for a particular country or a geographical area, in this case Malaysia. The main registrar for this domain is MYNIC Berhad.

General domain information

Domains are managed by various companies and organizations. Therefore, there are various provisions that must be followed when registering a domain.

Domain length
The min. and max. allowed length of the domain name.
4 to 40 characters
Special characters allowed (IDN)
Some domains allow special characters in the domain.
Registration Period 1 to 5 Years
Renewal Period 1 to 4 Years
Auth Code required
The auth code is only required for transfers.

You can start searching for a domain right away. Our system will check the above provisions during the search and notify you if the domain deviates from them. If you have any questions regarding these provisions, please feel free to contact us.

Domain Restrictions

We offer a Trustee service that allows you to register this domain even if the below requirements are not met.

Local presence in the following countries or regions is required to register this domain: MY

This domain is subject to certain restrictions and can only be registered if the following conditions are met:

Registration conditions
The domain owner must be an organization registered in Malaysia, a Malaysian citizen or a permanent resident in Malaysia. All other contacts must be an organisation. The administrative contact must be an employee of the organization of the domain owner. The domain owner will have to use its own local presence if the domain contains the word bank. Also, according to the registry rules and regulations, if the domain contains the words bank; or finance company (or any derivative of the words in any language): Only parties who have the written consent of the Minister of Finance (MOF) pursuant to Section 15 of the Banking and Financial Institutions Act 1989 (BAFIA) may apply for this domain. If the local presence service is not being used it is required to provide the registrants Business Registration Number and the registrants Organisation Type.
Additional conditions
The domain cannot contain: country or state names or well-known names such as Malaysia or Malacca; words in either English or Bahasa Malaysia, that are sensitive to the main religions in Malaysia such as Islam; a part of a label, be obscene, scandalous, indecent, offensive or contrary to Malaysian public norms.

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